Packaging Automation

Nongshim Engineering provides solutions for flexible packaging system in response to small quantity batch production.

Packaging/Raw &
subsidiary materials

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Automatic supply of packaging films,
containers, subsidiary materials,
box sheets, etc.




– Pillow packaging
– Pouch/stand pouch packaging
– Pouch/stand pouch packaging
– PET/glass bottle packaging
– Can packaging
– Tray packaging

– Multi packaging
– Box packaging
– Visual packaging

– Palletizer
– Pallet automatic wrapping
– Pallet automatic labeling

Nongshim engineering provides the most efficient packaging solutions from supplying packaging subsidiary materials to primary, secondary packaging and palletizing

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Project outline Item : Red Ginseng powder, cabsule, roasting tea, snack, etc.

IV solution packaging automation / Automatic palletizing & 2nd. Pack.

Pouch beverage water treatment/measuring/mixing Raw material automatic transfer, mixing, sterilization, Cooling, filling, 1st/2nd packaging, palletizing

'N' Company Vertical Farm Plant (Smart Farm) - Lettuce Growing Room, Control room, Packaging room etc. Product : Lettuce, Medicinal etc.