X-ray Inspection System

Intellisense XIS(X-ray Inspection System) Series

Unlike existing metal detectors that can only detect metal items, our products can detect a variety of metal and non-metal items
(Stone, Glass, Bone, etc.) These systems are widely used for impurity detection,
omission tests, loss inspections, and discrimination in a variety of industries.

Advantages of Nongshim Engineering inspection system

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01. Easy to use

  • – Ease of use thanks to graphical menus
  • – User-oriented programs. no additional education required.
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02. Apply customers’ needs actively

  • – Customized production in consideration of customers’ working environmen
  • – Can develop inspection algorithms by product characteristics
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03. Rich know-hows accumulated in food industry

  • – Offering optimized solution on foundation of know-how in various food and beverage sectors such as instant noodles and snacks
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04. Thorough after-sales service

  • – Offering quick after-sales service by specialized engineers
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05. Excellent detection capability

  • – Differentiated detection capability by utilizing software development human resources
  • – High-speed in-line product inspection at production line speed at 90m/min or faster
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06. Operating system with patented technology of integrated network management

  • – Remote control program
  • – Full image storage of inspected product and management solution