Vision Inspection System

Intellisense VIS(Vision Inspection System) Series

This system is designed to automate visual inspections that have been conducted by inspectors by utilizing computer-based
camera imaging technologies. The system is applicable to a wide range of services, including product categorization,
impurity detection, omission test, and packaging inspection.
Nongshim engineering provides customized system satisfying customer's requirements perfectly.

Image of date stamp scanning shot

Date stamp inspection

  • · Date stamp inspection (OCR,OCV)
  • · Package inspection

Image of product classification procedure

Product classification

  • · Recognition of Box design recognition
  • · Bar code inspection

Image of foriegn material inspection equipment

Impurity inspection

  • · Carbide inspection
  • · Impurity inspection

Image of product in omission inspection procedure

Omission inspection

  • · Content omission inspectionn
  • · Package type inspection

Image of package inspection equipment

Faulty package inspection

  • · Faulty package inspection
  • · Faulty cap-lead sheet inspection

System configuration

  System configuration

  • Camer : black and white and color / area scan, line scan
  • Lightin : LED lighting (Differentiated by inspected objects)
  • Industrial computer
  • Touch display
  • Control panel
  • System frame : customized for work sites
  • Reject system : customized for work sites
  • Inspection speed : Max 100m/min
  • Power : AC220V (Single phase)

  System features

  • Carrying out complex inspections simultaneously at high-speed line through multiprocessing
  • Ease of use with simple and instinctive interfaces (Touch screen and keyboard)
  • Supporting additional functions
    • – Display of operation status and history (Operation message, alarm history, error notification, statistics of handled products)
    • – Record inspection video and copy data through USB memory devices
    • – Log management and report (excel) functions for inspected/abnormal products
    • – Warning sound and light to nofity faulty product detection
    • – Privilege management for admin and operators
  • This system can meet customer needs by applying common inspection system
  • Multiple lines can be inspected with single device(Max 4 lines per device)
  • Facility control fuction for pre/post processing (only applied for devices provide control interfaces)