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This is the road that Nongshim Engineering has taken.

  • 2011~
  • 2007~2010
  • 2000~2006
  • 1997~1999

Completed the flavor capsule manufacturing facilities of KT&G
Built logistics systems for a new Baeksansoo-producing factory of Yanbian Nongshim
Built the automatic packaging system of OTREE Food
Built the apple chip production line of Nongshim’s Asan Factory

Constructed the Gunsan Factory logistics system of Daedoo Foods Co., Ltd.
Constructed the Icheon logistics center of Agabang Co., Ltd.
Started the solar power plant project of Nongshim Engineering
Built a new factory for producing Baeksansoo of Yanbian Nongshim
Relocated Taekyung Nongsan’s extract facilities in Anseong
Built deodorization facilities of Lotte Food’s Cheonan Factory
Built the pouch manufacturing facilities of KGC’s Wonju Factory
Completed the new logistics center project of Donga Otsuka Co., Ltd.
Exported instant noodle production lines to M company in the Philippines

Won an order for catalyzing process of bio-diesel of M Energy Co., Ltd.
Exported production plants to N Company of Nigeria
Exported production plants to T.M CHONBURI of Thailand
Built the logistics center of F&F Co., Ltd. in Icheon
Built a transfer system of Hansung Food Co., Ltd.
Built Taekyung Nongsan’s extract facilities in Anseong
Completed SIAS’ factory expansion project in Ochang
Installed the polysilicon packaging line of Samsung Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Completed a new logistics center of Baekje Pharmaceuticals in Pyeongtaek
Installed more bowl noodle production lines of Nongshim America
Built new warehouses of DLC Co., Ltd. in Jinhae
Completed the bio-diesel remapping project of M Energy Co., Ltd.

Built additional noodle production lines in LA Plant of Nongshim
Won an order for packaging automation facilities from Yonsei Milk
Won an order for bio-diesel cleaning facilities of M Energy Co., Ltd.
Won an order for red ginseng production facilities at Yanji Factory of Korea Ginseng Corp.
Biodiesel washing facility expansion project for M Energy
Red ginseng production facility project for Yanji Ginseng Plant of Korea Ginseng Corporation