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Company Information

Nongshim Engineering provides plant and automation engineering services for food product and pharmaceutical companies, providing the best quality services to help customers accomplish their goals.
Specializing in EPCM, Nongshim Engineering helps construct plants and automated logistic facilities and produces automation facilities, and is engaged in a wide range of professional engineering services such as construction management and validation.
We make sure that every customer will enjoy our top quality services with reasonable investments.

Better Services For Better Life
            Nongshim Engineering Co. is a total engineering manager

Nongshim Co., Ltd., the top food manufacturer in the Republic of Korea is the parent company of 
Nongshim Engineering Co., Ltd. which was established in 1997 as the world’s first and only food 
engineering service provider.

Since its establishment, the company has contributed to the society as an engineering 
service provider specializing in food. It also constructs environment-friendly and efficient 
manufacturing plants and unmanned plants equipped with the most advanced and 
automated facilities based on its various experiences and technologies accumulated over 
the past several decades. Backed by its proven abilities as a total food engineering service 
provider and the world’s best competitiveness, the company successfully carried out 
overseas projects in the USA, China, Russia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.
The company prioritizes advanced technologies, humans, and environment. It is not 
content with its current status and is dedicated to consistently investing in R&D in the 
areas of product development covering the world’s competitive foreign material 
detectors, vision testers, and automatic packaging machines, future-oriented intelligent 
plant system enabling integrated computer management, and HACCP-based plants
 prioritizing environment and hygiene.
Meet Nongshim Engineering. The company provides comprehensive solutions for planning, 
design, construction, automation, environmental facilities, after-sales services, and technological 
consultancy services.